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Founded in 2002, DIATEAM is a French-based company located in Brest, France. Its core business is cybersecurity software development and offensive scenarios creation for cyber-training.
Thanks to its proven expertise, DIATEAM is now a key player on training platforms and red teaming services markets.
Since 2019, DIATEAM has new premises downtown in a former warehouse, a well-known place for local surfers and windsurfers.


Brest - France

Développeur C++/Qt (F/H)

CDI/Alternance/Stage - Brest - France

Développeur "front-end" React

CDI/Alternance/Stage - Brest - France

Ingénieur en sécurité offensive "Red Team" (F/H)

CDI/Alternance/Stage - Brest - France

Admin Système & Réseaux (F/H)

CDI/Alternance/Stage - Brest - France

Strengthen your Human Firewall!

DIATEAM ⋅ Made in France / fabriqué en France