We Train As We Fight !

Hands-on Cyber Training  is definitely the key to ensuring that your operators remain in safe operating conditions. Our team accompanies you to develop the skills of your operators and this, regularly.

« I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand »

Confucius (551–479 BC)

You need players and different teams to lead valuable cyber training and exercises.

DIATEAM deploys two types of Cyber Range Training & Exercises :

  • On Premises
  • On Line

Common trainees’ expectations :

  • Experiencing real-world threats in a safe environment
  • Learning how to recognize and handle threats
  • Team building & Process validation


Train your operational teams within hyper realistic scenarios.

A Good cyber training results in the capacity of each team to play its part.

OT (aka Operational Technology) refers to an infrastructure composed of hardware or software bricks that detects or operates through direct monitoring and/or control of changes on systems, industrial automation within an organization’s supply chain.
IT (aka Information Technologies) covers all the digital tools used to process information, including software, hardware, communication technologies, etc.
The task of the Blue Team is to defend. Through the Cyber Range, members of a Blue Team are trained to detect, respond to, and mitigate Red Team attacks. Blue Team members must stop malicious activity by mitigating potential vulnerabilities and their impacts. The technical and organizational capabilities of the Blue Team strongly influence the conduct of an exercise.
Traffic generation is the responsibility of the White Team in charge of designing and building the scenario used for the exercises. It is essential for the White Team to ensure that the exercise is conducted in accordance with the scenario’s objectives.
The RED TEAM is often composed of a small number of experts whose mission is to attack or compromise the simulated and/or virtualized system, organization or infrastructure. They must be well aware of the so-called TTP (Tactics, Techniques & Procedures) used by attackers in real life.
A team of operators is responsible for the supervision of the entire Cyber Range. It is in charge of the session follow-up.



Like in Flight Simulator, the highest level of realism is necessary for an immersive exercise

Variety of opponents

We test you on all of your surfaces of attack


Threats are evolving so regular training is highly recommended

Threat Knowledge

Being prepared means knowing the state of the art in terms of threats

Mastering of tools

Putting your defence tools into situation - SIEM, IDS, etc -

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Cyber Risks & Threats : Raise awareness within your operational teams !

Defining the role of each cell


  1. Serious Game + Table Top
  2. Technical operational Exercise – Blue Team VS Red Team –

>> Full Stack Exercise mixing  operational & decision-making cells


A lesson seems clear.
Wargaming, in terms of extensive tactical simulators, is no longer a luxury.
It is an essential element of combat team training.

Admiral Thomas Hayward, 1990Cyber Range

It’s a real privilege for Thales to contribute to raise the global level of Cyber awareness of IT and cyber workforces in Oman with DIATEAM, a partner of choice for developing and providing valuable Cyber Range platforms and contents.

Pierre JEANNE, Vice President, Cybersecurity Technologies and Solutions at Thales

The Oman Public Authority’s Advanced Cyber Academy is teaching national cadres how to protect & defend networks against Cyber Attacks using Thales Cyber Range, a platform developed and powered by our partner DIATEAM

ThalesCyber Security Department

I truly recommend DIATEAM if you want to test/diagnosis your cyberattack resilience or even just to train your teams.

Steven Le RouxOVH

Strengthen your Human Firewall!