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  • Thales and Oman’s Public Authority for Privatization and Partnership have signed an agreement to create Oman’s Advanced Cybersecurity Academy.
  • Thales will provide Cyber Range solutions powered by Diateam to the Academy to enhance Oman’s cyber-preparedness.
  • Oman’s cybersecurity cadres to benefit from unique and high innovative Cyber Range training platforms.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Academy will offer its trainees five cyber curricula covering a wide scope of skills.

The cybersecurity workforce worldwide shortage reaches almost 3 million unfilled positions and this figure should double in 2020.

In this regard, Thales and DIATEAM partnership is made for helping organizations and governments fill this gap by providing Cyber Range solutions and training to better protect their information assets.

Guillaume PRIGENT, DIATEAM CHAIRMAN & Co-founder, comments: “Since 2008, fueled by passion, we provide governments, universities and essential operators in Europe and around the world with our Military-Grade Cyber Range solutions. Our solutions are tailored for cybersecurity tactics but also for Education needs to give people the opportunity to develop strong skills in disciplines such as DevOps and SysAdmin. We are proud to be part of Oman’s Advanced Cybersecurity Academy along with our great partner Thales.”

Oman already ranks third in the world, next only to USA and Canada, in cyber-attack readiness according to the Global Cybersecurity Index.  Armed with a high-level cybersecurity strategy, and a comprehensive roadmap, Oman is well placed with the best organizational practices to tackle threats. Thanks to the Thales and DIATEAM partnership, another milestone has been achieved by Oman on its policy to keep the best operational cybersecurity readiness.

On 18 September, an agreement was signed by Dr. Dhafir bin Awadh Al Shanfari, PAPP (Oman’s Public Authority for Privatisation and Partnership) CEO and Mr. Pierre JEANNE, Vice President of Thales Group for Cybersecurity Technologies and Solutions. This agreement gives the framework for The Advanced Cybersecurity Academy to benefit from brand new Cyber Range solutions, contents and scenarios.

While any nation is facing the growing cyber threats, Oman has investedin training its people to get the best level of cyber preparedness. Thales will provide Cyber Range Platforms to the Advanced Cybersecurity Academy in addition to a complete cyber training program – from basic to expert level – led by Thales cyber experts who will be based in Oman for two years, and train 16 Omani trainers at the Academy.

Pierre JEANNE, Vice President, Cybersecurity Technologies and Solutions at Thales said: “It’s a real privilege for Thales to contribute to raise the global level of Cyber awareness of IT and cyber workforces in Oman with DIATEAM, a partner of choice for developing and providing valuable Cyber Range platforms and contents. It will allow the Academy to benefit from state of the art platforms and curriculums integrating years of operational return of experience and research in Cyber defense.”

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