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DIATEAM recently implemented a training for cyber crisis management under real conditions for students of Executive Msc in Cybersecurity of Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

DIATEAM teams have moved to Orange premises in Rennes in order to organize a real conditions cyber crisis management exercise. There, twenty-five learners, students of Executive Msc in Cybersecurity offered by École Polytechnique Executive Education, and gathering university lecturers and researchers with Orange cybersecurity experts, have been able to live a hands-on experience to test their reactivity, should a crisis occur.

The students of this continuing education Master dedicated to senior executives (managers, internal or freelance consultants, cybersecurity governors or architects) have been split into two groups during five days to evaluate and improve their abilities in cyber crisis management by simulating a cyberattack against a French industrial fictive, and yet so real company.

To achieve the most realistic setup, DIATEAM has deployed on site one of its Hybrid Cyber Range. Our platform makes it possible to setup a complete virtual environment, which enables to simulate the architecture of the industrial company that is to be attacked, in order to test and train in conditions that match real life (Test & Train, As You Fight). This has allowed participants to evaluate and develop their abilities while being in immersion in an “as in real life” cyber crisis situation, perfectly identical to what they could have to face in their professional life.

As it would have happened in case of an attack on a real system in production, they had to react fast and efficiently to detect and contain said attack, notably by looking to determine the entry point, and then the path followed by the intrusion in order to take appropriate measures. As in “real life”, they had to gather every available resource and to manage every aspect associated to such problem: they couldn’t escape any presentation, restitution, information reporting and staff coordination, all mandatory in such extreme situation. They even had to deal with Mr. Pech, soon to be retired Information Chief Officer, also slightly declining and quite stubborn, played by Guillaume Prigent himself.

At the end of the week, everyone was tired, but also satisfied they could test and develop their abilities and reactivity in a 100% real situation.



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