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Discover how DIATEAM has been able to innovate and adapt its cyber range for use in the maritime and port sector.

DIATEAM solutions can prove useful in a wide array of use cases. Industrial sector cybersecurity certainly is one of the main domains where the use of a hybrid digital twin can be especially relevant.

DIATEAM has been involved for more than 10 years in maritime sector through its AIS anomaly detection and training solutions, and has also taken part for the last three years in the H2020 Cyber-MAR European project.



Maritime and port cyber range is intended for militarian and civilian sectors. The solution and the experience of DIATEAM teams have already made it possible to conduct advanced exercises on port infrastructures, for example through the execution of digital investigation trainings and the organization of a maritime CTF (Capture The Flag).


Digital twin

In order to make scenarios more realistic, DIATEAM has developed a hybrid digital twin, which makes it possible to recreate the operations of a ship.

A dozen antennas and sensors have been setup on the building roof, and real ship systems (ECDIS, telecommunications, NMEA bus) have been integrated to a realistic wheelhouse and connected to DIATEAM cyber range.

This whole installation allows to inject real data into the digital twin to reach optimal realism in order to avoid the potential bias associated with what is usually done using a simple simulation.

This platform, which is unique in Europe, makes it possible to receive ship’s personnel, researchers or maritime cyber security specialists.

Antennas and sensors setup on DIAPLEX roof

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