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ENSSAT & IUT Lannion each recently acquired a DIATEAM Hybrid Cyber Range. An inauguration has been organized on Wednesday, January 10th on the premises of IUT Lannion to celebrate the launch of the first training using our platform, in attendance of our President Guillaume Prigent & our Business Engineer Amélie Gautier.

Thanks to its training simulation power for real conditions cyber attacks, DIATEAM Hybrid Cyber Range will make it possible for students to gain strong cybersecurity skills.

DIATEAM is always highly motivated when it comes to helping the development of young talents and to working for the expansion of cyber ecosystem in Brittany, so we are happy to collbaorate with ENSSAT & IUT Lannion to allow their students to train for cybersecurity in optimal conditions. This will empower them to study at best.

The inauguration gathered approximately fifty people, maong which were training managers, teachers, students, but also elected representatives and local decision makers of local authorities, as well as many players involved in regional cyber dynamism and the press.

DIATEAM has made a demo of an attack on a drinking water plant.

DIATEAM wishes the best to all future users of our platforms and hopes to have more and more collaborations of this kind.

DIATEAM ⋅ Made in France / fabriqué en France